FOCUS: Before the fast remember to hydrate, then keep your mind on the meaning of the day. (Honor Fuchs)
FOCUS: Before the fast remember to hydrate, then keep your mind on the meaning of the day.

Honor Fuchs

YOM KIPPUR: Tips for an easy fast

September 28, 2017

Entering my fourth time fasting fully on Yom Kippur, and knowing that I’m always nervous and overwhelmed by it, I’ve made a list of helpful do’s and dont’s based on experience, advice and my own research to help you have an easier fast.  

G’mar chatimah tova!


The Day Before

Hydrate!  This is the most important one because the most uncomfortable part of the fast, personally and to most people, is the lack of water. Prepare your body for the fast by being more than hydrated (just make sure your water bottle is always full)

Do not over-stuff yourself. People often think that because we cannot eat or drink for 25 hours that we should try to stuff ourselves to compensate. Eat a big, hearty meal but do not overdo it. Going overboard will not keep you full for so much longer.

Keep it real. Your best bet is to stick to unpackaged foods such as fruits, vegetables or any healthy fat before the fast.  They take longer to digest, and they’ll keep you full longer.

Fruits are your best friend. Fruits are a great snack because they are rich in vital ingredients for your body and are full of water. Watermelon is a classic pre-Yom Kippur food.

Almonds, too. Almonds are the perfect snack for pre-fasting. They are high in the good fat and protein.


The Day Of

Wear something comfortable. You most probably will be hangry or uncomfortable at some point during the day, so wear something that you feel good in.

Sniff something. Most people find that smelling spices, lemons or other foods helps.  If you start to feel hungry, try smelling something strong and see if that helps the level of hungry.

Nap. Taking naps can help you with feelings of fatigue and headaches. Take it easy.

Distractions work, too. Stock up on magazines or curl up to a good book because it is going to be a long day. Better to be engrossed in a novel or fashion column than to listen to the rumbles of your stomach.

Mind over matter. Know that you can, simple as that. When it gets super hard, push yourself and remind yourself that you can do it, and try to focus on the day’s messages and beauty.



Do not stuff yourself. Although you are probably super hungry and anticipating that meal you’ve been thinking of all day, ease yourself back into eating. Take it slow to avoid getting a stomachache.

Drink, drink, drink. You are dehydrated no for sure — do not forget that. Drink at least eight glasses of water the night the fast ends.




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YOM KIPPUR: Tips for an easy fast