The Boiling Point

Parshat Ki Tetzei: Honoring Your Parents

By Mati Hurwitz, Torah Editor August 31, 2012

In Parshas Ki Teitzei, Deut. 21:18-22, we see the case of a ben sorer umoreh – a son (minor) rebellious toward his parents is stoned. In fact, never in the history of the world has there existed...

Dvar Torah Parshas Re’eh: The power of temptation — and of resisting it

By Mati Hurwitz, Torah Editor August 16, 2012

By Mati Hurwitz, Torah Editor Parshas Re’eh opens up with Hashem giving the Jewish people a blessing and a curse. This blessing is to listen and observe Hashem’s commandments while the curse is...

Tisha B’av dvar Torah: Not a day to Sit and Remember

By Justin Nemanpour July 27, 2012

After completing the fourth book of the Torah, Sefer Bamidbar, We start the final book of Sefer Devarim, also known as Mishna Torah. Devarim, or Deuteronomy, is a speech given by Moshe Rabeinu, in his...

Dvar Torah Matos-Masei: Getting ready to graduate

By Mati Hurwitz, Torah Editor July 20, 2012

By Mati Hurwitz, Torah Editor In this week’s double parsha, Matos-Masei, Bnei Yisrael is close to settling and entering Eretz Yisrael. The tribes Reuven and Gad request to settle east of the Jordan...

Dvar Torah Parshat Pinchas

By Yosef Nemanpour, 11th Grade July 13, 2012

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of...

Moving through history, one yom at a time

By Mati Hurwitz, Torah Editor July 13, 2012

This year at Shalhevet, we celebrated the various yoms -- the holiday days -- of the Omer appropriately. On Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, juniors and seniors broke into small tour groups...

Why do we count up for the Omer?

By Mati Hurwitz, Staff Writer July 13, 2012

The seven weeks between Pesach and Shavuot, known as the period of the Omer, are filled with additional halachot (laws). We put ourselves into mourning as we commemorate the losses of many Jews over the...

Dvar Torah Parshas Balak

By Mati Hurwitz July 6, 2012

In Parshas Balak, we see Bilaam initially team up with Balak in order to oppose Bnei Yisrael and curse them. Bnei Yisrael became a threat after they demolished the Emori at the end of Parshas Chukas, causing...

‘Ethical hechsher’ catches on, but slowly

'Ethical hechsher' catches on, but slowly
By Sarah Soroudi, Torah Editor June 13, 2012

According to Judaic Studies teacher Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz, all the kosher restaurants on Pico Boulevard have been invited to apply for the new Tav HaYosher,* or ethical seal, proving that they treat...

‘Kol isha’ has range of meanings at Modern Orthodox high schools back east

By Rebecca Mandel, Arts & Entertainment Editor April 18, 2012

In other Modern Orthodox schools, there is a lack of consensus on the interpretation of kol isha. But in every case, the policy has been arrived at deliberately and with halachic support. SAR High School...

Going solo: New view of ‘kol isha’ lets girls sing on their own

STEPPING OUT: When sophomore Danielle Lowe sang Demi Lovato's
By Rebecca Mandel, Arts & Entertainment Editor April 18, 2012

The Megillah reading was over, and in the Bet Midrash a party and talent show were in full swing. Suddenly the room was quiet, as a girl in a lace dress Purim costume bared her soul to students, faculty,...

Modern Orthodoxy should be a bridge between secularists and Haredim, Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks says

By Ari Feuer, Deputy Editor-In-Chief March 17, 2012

Britain's chief rabbi, Lord Jonathan Sacks, addressed about 320 students and faculty of local Jewish schools at Harkham Hebrew Academy  Feb. 23 and said Modern Orthodoxy needed to become stronger to exert...

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