The Boiling Point

After student requests, Sephardic rabbi joins staff in multifaceted role

After student requests, Sephardic rabbi joins staff in multifaceted role

October 19, 2012

After several years of not having a Sephardic Rabbi, Shalhevet last week welcomed Rabbi Aharon Assaraf, new leader and go-to guy for the Sephardic minyan...

Alumni Dvar Torah: Returning to our Hearts, and to Israel

Josh Meisel

September 15, 2012

BS”D Parshat Nitzavim By Josh Meisel, '12 This week's Parsha contains the concept of teshuva in it. The Rambam actually uses the psukim in the parsha as the source for the mitzvah of Teshuva. In Perek 30, the root of the word Teshuva is used a few times. In one context it says: V’hashevota el levavecha (30, 1). It says you shall return to your heart. Then it say...

From Mishna to Philosophy, Shalhevet Teachers Also Learn

Mati Hurwitz, Torah Editor

September 9, 2012

By Mati Hurwitz, Torah Editor Reb Tuli Skaist is the only person on the Shalhevet Staff learning Daf Yomi, having made the commitment to join in the new worldwide reading when it began earlier this summer, as did this writer.   He describes his personal commitment to Daf Yomi as “a system for me to finish Shas -- to reach that goal.” “Sometimes it’s hard to ...

Rare Talmud Siyum Shows Varied Styles of Learning

Mati Hurwitz, Torah Editor

September 9, 2012

Why was only one Shalhevet student -- the author of this article -- at the Daf Yomi Siyum Hashas, held at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion downtown Aug. 1? Three thousand other L.A. Orthodox Jews were there – including students or rabbis from YULA High School, Maimonides Academy, Beth Jacob Congregation and Young Israel of Century City -- all celebrating the completion by...

What are students and staff repenting for this year?

Mati Hurwitz, Torah Editor

September 7, 2012

With Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur approaching, Shalhevet students and staff have begun repenting more intensely for sins they committed during the year that is ending. Rosh Hashanah is the first day of the Jewish New Year, on which God reviews each of our actions and traits and decides our fate based how we’ve behaved. It is crucial in Judaism to try to improve, and also...

Kings and judges,cellphones and Facebook

Yosef Nemanpour, BP Web Staff

September 7, 2012

Reminding us about temptations that distract us, Parshat Shoftim sets the tone for the season. Should we see judges as being on a higher level than ourselves? What about royalty? Or are we all subject to the same influences, and the same laws?  Parashat Shoftim, read earlier in Elul, speaks about the responsibilities of both judges and kings, and provides some answers....

Co-designer of Shalhevet’s Judaic Studies curriculum joins the faculty

Mati Hurwitz, Torah Editor

September 7, 2012

By Mati Hurwitz, Torah Editor An Ivy League engineer and co-author of Shalhevet’s new Judaic Studies curriculum, Rabbi David Stein is teaching Talmud and Tanach. “Rabbi David Stein is someone who represents the best in Modern Orthodoxy,” said Judaic Studies Director Mr. Noam Weissman. “He is a true Torah scholar and is equally well versed in general sciences.” “How can we n...

Parshat Ki Tetzei: Honoring Your Parents

Mati Hurwitz, Torah Editor

August 31, 2012

In Parshas Ki Teitzei, Deut. 21:18-22, we see the case of a ben sorer umoreh – a son (minor) rebellious toward his parents is stoned. In fact, never in the history of the world has there existed a ben sorer umoreh and never will there be! The Torah speaks of a special case of a rebellious child that is so extreme that we don’t even know how to determine it. The...

Dvar Torah Parshas Re’eh: The power of temptation — and of resisting it

Mati Hurwitz, Torah Editor

August 16, 2012

By Mati Hurwitz, Torah Editor Parshas Re’eh opens up with Hashem giving the Jewish people a blessing and a curse. This blessing is to listen and observe Hashem’s commandments while the curse is punishment the Jews will receive for straying from His path and serving other gods. The opening verses (Deut. 11:26-28) really set the tone for the parsha, which goes on to...

Tisha B’av dvar Torah: Not a day to Sit and Remember

Justin Nemanpour

July 27, 2012

After completing the fourth book of the Torah, Sefer Bamidbar, We start the final book of Sefer Devarim, also known as Mishna Torah. Devarim, or Deuteronomy, is a speech given by Moshe Rabeinu, in his last five weeks of life, to all of B’nei Israel, recalling many of the past events during their wandering in the desert. The speech is delivered just before they will be entering...

Dvar Torah Matos-Masei: Getting ready to graduate

Mati Hurwitz, Torah Editor

July 20, 2012

By Mati Hurwitz, Torah Editor In this week’s double parsha, Matos-Masei, Bnei Yisrael is close to settling and entering Eretz Yisrael. The tribes Reuven and Gad request to settle east of the Jordan River and not to inhabit Eretz Yisrael. After Moshe grants their request, parshas Masei opens by listing all the various locations in which Bnei Yisrael traveled and camp...

Dvar Torah Parshat Pinchas

Yosef Nemanpour, 11th Grade

July 13, 2012

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness,” says the United States Declaration of Independence. Today, in the year 2012, Baruch Hashem, women’s rights have been continually advancing due to hard work and...